The Service

Samer, thanks to the efficient and punctual service, has been able to ensure the perfect functioning of its installations in Umbria and in central Italy for decades. However, the natural deterioration of the components and the necessity of aesthetic adjustment and comfort, suggest, after a long period of use, the elevator modernization.

Samer allows to renovate totally or partially the cabin of your elevator with simple and fast solutions, and low cost: replacement of doors or cabins, button panels, the column of the cabin until the replacement of the entire interior lining.

Why modernize your elevator?


By modernizing your elevator, the security and the reliability will improve considerably, providing a greater confidence in the use and reducing the risk of system downtime. Thanks to an accurate floor leveling, your lift or hoist will be fully accessible to the elderly and the disabled, managing to shoot down 100% architectural barriers through the replacement of manual doors with automatic doors.

In addition, the investment will pay for itself in the short term thanks to lower costs for extraordinary maintenance. It is time to renovate your elevator with Samer easily and non-invasively: choose a new attractive design and new features. The operation will be carried out directly on site, without the dismantling of the elevator, without transportation and disposal costs and without long periods of system downtime.

Restyling cabin solutions

Samer guarantees a new look to your elevators by replacing not only doors and walls, but also button panels, lighting and floor. The floor can be replaced with plastic materials (resins, linoleum, …) available in various colors and finishes; the command of the button panels can be replaced with a modern display or with bright buttons; the old lighting systems can be changed with LED lights last longer which reduces environmental impact.

Compliance with safety regulations

As a result of the Ministerial Decree of 23 July 2009 on the “Improving safety of the lift plants prior to the Directive 95/16 / EC”, all lifts installed before 1999 must be conformed to the safety regulations for installations prior to that date.

To know the obligations provided for elevator contact us for more informations.