Safety as index of quality

“Impianto Sicuro” is a brand that identifies an innovative maintenance service, available on elevators of any type, which guarantees the maintenance of high quality and safety standards.

The service was developed by TRE-E Consortium, an associative reality which brings together the best companies specialized in the national territory, which operate under the procedures and the standards of “Impianto Sicuro”.


Why choose “Impianto Sicuro”?

To choose “Impianto Sicuro” is a guarantee for individuals and businesses for many reasons:

  • Because Samer technicians are constantly updated on the elevators of all types and brands;
  • Because thanks to the geographical coverage Samer guarantees interventions within 4 hours from the call;
  • Because the contracts are clear and indicate adequate prices to the quality of service provided;
  • Because our stores are provided by genuine parts of the largest companies that builds elevators.

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